Best Franchises to Own

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Best Franchises to Own

What is the best franchise to own?

Asking that question is like asking what is the best shoe size?  There is no one right answer for everyone.  A franchise is a tool for creating profit.  It really depends on your passion, vision, and your skills.  Without those you can go ahead and throw your money on the ground.

These are the questions you need to be asking to decide what best franchise is for you:

  1. How much can I invest
  2. Do I want to work alone
  3. What am I willing to do everyday to be successful
  4. How much do I want to work
  5. What kind of customers do I want to help
  6. How much money must I make to be able to live the life I want
  7. Do I like administrative work
  8. Can I make sales calls

If you are unsure of any of these questions then I would suggest something a little different.

Join a Network Marketing company.

 Benefits of a Network Marketing Company:

  1. Most Network Marketing companies do not require you to have a large amount of money to get started.
  2.  If you join the right team then you will have support of people who want you to be successful.
  3. Hit the ground running and prove to yourself what you are willing to do.
  4. Determine when you work.  you are the boss.
  5. Join a company that you believe in the product.
  6. You will have very little administrative work
  7. Make more than you can imagine for the life you can’t imagine living yet.
  8. You do not have to make sales calls, however you must interact with people.  You choose how.

Network Marketing is a very low risk, high reward way to finding the answers to the questions above.  You will learn a lot about yourself.  If you are open and join the right team then you will grow as a individual.

I decided to join Advocare.  It may or may be something you would be interested in.  That is ok, you have to decide what company you want to partner with.

Reasons I chose Advocare:

  1. You only have to invest $59 to get started.  That’s it, for $59 you own your own business.
  2. Advocare is trusted because it was started in 1993.
  3. You have access to the best team that has trained me to be successful and also train others to be successful.
  4. I got started immediately helping others and quickly earned Advocare’s $500 Rookie Bonus.
  5. You can work your business without it interfering with your current lifestyle.
  6. The products work.  
  7. Advocare provides national advertising, endorsers, holds and ships your inventory, payroll.
  8. You can live Debt Free and have true Time Freedom.
  9. You decide how much and when you want to work.  The more people you help, the more money you will make.

Are you open to making money?  You got to this page because you want something different.  There is a reason that you found this page.  You found this page at the right moment.   You have read down this far for a reason.  It is not a coincidence.

It is ok if Advocare is not the right company for you.  

My goal was to get you to start asking the right questions in order to make the right decision.  You need to make the right decision for you.

Advocare gives you the opportunity to help others with their health and wellness goals, including energy, and also with their financial goals.

Are you interested in becoming Debt Free regardless of the amount of money you make in a year?  You can become Debt Free even making minimum wage.


Advocare DebtBuster


Limited time offer of Debt Buster.  You can have the Debt Buster system which is valued over $250 for free.  That’s right I am going to give you this for free.  I need your information to be able to get it to you.


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If that isn’t enough then there are bonuses!

Free coaching and support along the way from me.  I have been trained by the best and I have the tools and training to make you successful.   I have recipes, grocery list, how to eat out at restaurants, helpful hints to lose weight.   You will be added to my support group which I continue to add things to help my team be successful.

I will share that info for after I receive your contact information.

I am here to help you build your business.

Remember, I am here to help you.  You build your business.


Best Franchises to Own

Jon Boehs


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