Advocare Meal Replacement Shakes

Advocare Meal Replacement Shakes are they best tasting shakes you will ever try!  These are for  you when you need a balanced healthy meal on the go.  If you have cravings for something sweet, but want to eat healthy, then look no further.

Advocare Cyber Monday Special

White Chocolate Peppermint

Advocare Cyber Monday Specials

Meal Replacement Shake Variety Holiday Tin

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The meal replacement shakes above are Cyber Monday specials!

Limited Edition!!

While supplies last…

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Meal replacement shakes

Advocare Meal Replacement Shakes

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What is an Advocare meal replacement shake like?

If you have ever tried a meal replacement shake before, they may have left a bad taste in your mouth.  Advocare’s meal replacement shakes do taste great!  You will not be disappointed with this amazing product!

Are Advocare’s meal replacement shakes right for you?

  • Seeking to lose or maintain a healthy weight
  • Needing a nutritious meal on the go
  • Seeking a balanced, low calorie meal for your diet and exercise program
  • Seeking to add healthy vitamins, minerals, fiber, and protein with something  that tastes good

If you are looking for any or all of these things then Advocare’s meal replacement shakes are a perfect fit for you.


Meal Replacement Shake Flavors:

  1. White Chocolate Peppermint(limited Holiday availabitlity)
  2. Pumpkin Spice Shakes(limited Holiday availability)
  3. Chocolate Peanut Butter Shakes
  4. Chocolate Mocha Shakes
  5. Vanilla Shakes
  6. Chocolate Shakes
  7. Berry Shakes


The Advocare meal replacement shakes are part of the Advocare 24 Day Challenge.  I took my first shake during my Advocare 24 Day Challenge and I LOVE them!  I continue to take them daily as part of my healthy lifestyle.

Meal Replacement Shake Nutrition Facts:

  • Only 220 calories
  • Balanced meal for optimal nutrition and weight management
  • 24 grams of easy-to-digest protein
  • 50% of the daily recommended value of Calcium
  • 26 vitamins and minerals
  • 1:1 ratio of proteins and carbohydrates
  • Low fat and low sodium


If you are looking for what ingredients make up these great tasting shakes, then click here.

For interesting recipes to make Advocare Meal Replacement Shakes variety then give me your info and I promise I will get them out to you!


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If that isn’t enough then there are bonuses!

Free coaching and support along the way from me.  I have recipes, grocery list, how to eat out at restaurants, helpful hints to lose weight.   You will be added to my support group which I continue to add things to help my team be successful.

I will share that info for after I receive your contact information.

Are you still unsure?  Here is why I choose to Advocare Meal Replacement Shakes as part of my daily healthy routine.

  1. Backed by the top Sci-Med Board
    • Stanley Dudrick is just one on the Sci-Med board and he is accredited for saving over 10 million babies with intravenous feeding.  He helped create and wouldn’t risk his reputation on something he didn’t believe in.
  2. Used by Elite Athletes who are Advocare Endorsers
    • Drew Brees our National Spokesman is the only paid endorser, the rest choose because of the product and the results they get while using
    • Rich Froning “Fittest Man on Earth” 4 consecutive year Individual Crossfit Champion and 2 time Team Champion after that
  3. Advocare Meal Replacement Shakes work and they taste great.
  4. Money Back Guarantee

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I look forward to helping you live a healthy lifestyle!