Advocare Leptilean

Advocare LeptiLean is one of the best appetite suppressant that I have had success with.  What is even better is that it is the best over the counter appetite suppressant.  I am guessing you are here because you want the most effective over the counter appetite suppressant.


If you are serious about using an effective over the counter appetite suppressant, then you should consider adding LeptiLean as one of your go to weight loss products.

Advocare appetite suppresant

Advocare LeptiLean

LeptiLean Benefits:

  1. Promotes healthy metabolism*
  2. Helps support appetite control by promoting a feeling of satiety*
  3. Non-caffeinated weight management product*

Advocare LeptiLean promotes appetite control and a feeling of satiety while supporting an active metabolism.*

AdvoCare LeptiLean is an innovative weight-management product containing two patented ingredients, LeptiCore® and PhosphoLean™, that supports appetite management, satiety and helps promote healthy metabolism without the use of thermogenic ingredients.*This convenient and non-caffeinated product can be taken before any meal.


For ages 18 and older.
Take two capsules daily as needed. Consume at least 45 minutes before a meal.

This product is not intended for pregnant or nursing women.

In case of accidental overdose:

  • seek professional assistance
  • contact a poison control center immediately.

For a list of ingredients click here.

LeptiLean has helped me to effectively control my appetite.  I can now stay on track with my weight loss goals.

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