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How much do Advocare Distributors make?

How much do Advocare Distributors make?


I get asked the question a lot about “How much do Advocare Distributors make?” since I have become an Advocare Distributor.

There is a very simple answer to this question.  It all begins with the individual.  When I am helping my team, I ask them what do you want to make?  What would making $200, $300, $500, $1000 or even more money than you can imagine to do with. What would that mean to them. I then ask what type of a commitment are you willing to put into it to make that change.  It is now time to pause, how much money do YOU want to make?  I want you to think of that, when you think you know then keep reading.

I am going to scare you in a moment.  If you are skeptical then that is good, I was too.  It is probably how you ended up here.  This is the Advocare Pay Levels for 2014.  Keep reading after you process this next picture.

How much do Advocare Distributors make?

Advocare Income Disclosure Statement

This is where people come out and ask you can you really make money as a Distributor?   

They point out the time it takes to reach it.

They also state that as you try and get to the higher paying levels that it is even harder and that there is less people who are successful.  

Some people even call it a scam, maybe even a pyramid scheme.

I can see why some people at first glance would actually believe it.  

Here is the truth and what I personally know and have experienced:

People become a Distributor for the Discount.  They try the product, lose weight, gain energy,  and start feeling better as they live a healthier lifestyle.  

There are very few people who start that want to know how to make money as an Advocare Distributor.  People primarily come to achieve their health goals which are:lose weight, gain energy, gain performance.  

Once they decide that they like the products and are going to continue to use them long term they sign up and become an Advocare Distributor.  The majority of people just like the products because they work and they aren’t interested in the income.

Think about that for a moment.

 People want to live a healthier lifestyle first…  

They decide to make a positive change in their life.  

Most of the people that start are ashamed and embarrassed about how they look.  

They think how I can approach someone about health and losing weight when I am not what I picture as healthy.  This is even though it works for them.  

The surprising thing is that these people even feel great.  

Go back and look at the income disclosure statement again.

It includes any Distributor that signs up.

It includes any Distributor that signs up!

I had to say it twice to make sure that you understand.  The length of time is also because most don’t get into the business until much later after people are asking them what they have done to lose weight.  They want to know about their new energy and how they got to look great.

Can you really make money selling Advocare?  YES!! The real question is are YOU ready to make money selling Advocare?  If you only want to try sharing for an hour or 2 a week can you really expect to make $40,000 a year?  If so everyone would be doing it, and people would be Debt Free!  The truth is that it comes down to YOU.  If YOU make a consistent part-time effort then it can lead to a full-time income.

How much do Advocare Distributors make?  The real question you should ask yourself is how much am I willing to invest in myself to make the amount of money that I want to make.  I would hope your goal is to personally never settle permanently on an amount.  YOU can achieve whatever YOU want.  Would an extra $200 give you extra breathing room to not live paycheck to paycheck?  Would YOU like to make an extra $1000 to become debt free, take a vacation?  Are you the type of person who wants to travel the world and never have to worry about money again?  It is all possible and only depends on YOU!

If you are ready to Become an Advocare Distributor 
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If you need more info about Becoming an Advocare Distributor click here.

24 Day Challenge click here.

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24 Day Challenge review click here.

For personalized coaching, help and any questions about Advocare then click here. It has my personal contact info and I will set up a meeting to discuss more.

If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, I will help YOU!  I’m ready to help you reach your goals and dreams.  I will help YOU build YOUR business. It all starts with YOU!


Live life on your terms!

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Advocare 10 Day Cleanse

Advocare 10 Day Cleanse

I will be giving you the information about the Advocare 10 Day Cleanse.  The Advocare 10 Day Cleanse is one of the two parts of the Advocare 24 Day Challenge.  On days 1-10 you will be taking these three products. Advocare 10 Day Cleanse will remove your body of toxins, it also helps prepare your body to be able to absorb nutrients.  Keep reading to understand the benefits so that you can start feeling better.  

vitamins for energy

Advocare Spark



If you are tired and feeling sluggish then it is time for a cleanse!

The first product of Spark will help you gain energy and metal focus.  You will feel better and will not need coffee, soda, or energy drinks any longer.  If you are tired of yawning and crashing on all the other things, then get ready for increased energy without the negative stuff.

vitamins for energy

Advocare Spark


Hearbal Cleanse System:

The second product is the Herbal Cleanse System that removes the toxins from your body,  It also prepares your body to be able to maximize nutrient absorption.  It consists of:

  1. ProBiotic Restore™ capsules which:
    1. Help enhance weight management
    2. Improves nutrient absorption
    3. Help aid in good digestion
  2. Herbal Cleanse tablets and AdvoCare® Fiber
    1. Includes 10 grams of fiber
    2. Helps enhance nutrient absorption
    3. Eliminate toxins
    4. Helps curb appetite control
Advocare Herbal Cleanse

Advocare 10 Day Cleanse



The third product is OmegaPlex® which includes essential Omega-3 fatty acids.  They are essential because they help with heart, nerve, muscle, skin, bone, and immune health.


Advocare fish oil

Advocare OmegaPlex


The Advocare 10 Day Cleanse helps jump-start you into feeling better and getting your body to maximize nutrient absorption.  If you are looking for overall health, then the Advocare 10 Day Cleanse is a must!  You will eliminate waste and toxins that are built up in your body.  The Advocare 10 Day Cleanse is recommended to be done every 90 days for overall health and wellness.  You will feel better, look better and lose weight.

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Advocare New Releases

#advocarenewreleases #advocare

Advocare New Releases

This page will be updated as Advocare new releases come out!  Get your up to date info on everything Advocare!!


Nationwide Advocare All In 24 Day Challenge 2017!!

All In 24 Day Challenge 2017

Advocare All In 24 Day Challenge 2017

To stay up to date with all free gifts, what’s included, dates, then click here.

All In 24 Day Challenge Success Guide click here.

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Advocare 24 Day Challenge Review

Advocare 24 Day Challenge Review

You are about to read my personal Advocare 24 Day Challenge Review.


Nationwide Advocare All In 24 Day Challenge 2017

All In 24 Day Challenge

Nationwide Advocare All In 24 Day Challenge 2017

To read more about the Advocare All In 24 Day Challenge click here.

Updates on free gifts, recipes, free shipping and coaching.

All In 2017 Success Guide here.

My review of the 24 day challenge is below.

Advocare 24 Day Challenge ReviewAdvocare 24 Day Challenge Review

I am a normal guy who is a busy person with a full time job, 4 kids, sports, therapy for our adopted children.  I was sick and tired of being sick and tired! Life had catch up with me.  The highest  weight I had ever been at.  I was at 263 lbs and miserable, embarrased, ashamed, and didn’t recognize the person in the mirror.  I wasn’t happy.  Stuck in a rut and acting like a zombie.  My marriage was struggling, I was a poor husband, father, friend, worker, individual.  I had went to the doctor and he said if I didn’t make a drastic change that I wouldn’t be around for very long.

I had to make a change, if you can relate to any of this I promise I will get to the actual Advocare 24 Day Challenge Review very soon!

My wife and I started eating healthy in the summer of 2014. We started by cutting out processed food, and tried to eat only meat, veggies, fruit.  We started exercising, losing weight, averaging around 2 lbs a week for me.  The one thing I didn’t cut out was coffee, I still was having over a pot a day for the energy.  

I was extremely overweight because at 263 lbs and only 5’9 I had a lot to lose. It slowly came off over time, some weeks I struggled and didn’t lose any, some not much at all.  The good news is I was still moving forward.  I then started to slow down with the amount of weight that I had lost, getting to the point of where I was mostly maintaining.  

Sitting at 205 lbs which was much healthier than I had been in a very long time. I still wasn’t the person that I wanted to be and even though people noticed how I had made a change, I still didn’t feel good or feel good about how I looked.  

I was still sick and tired of being sick and tired…  It was time for a change.

I was approached to try Spark because I was drinking so much coffee.  After drinking a cup 30 minutes before going to bed and I would fall right asleep.  I was skeptical, but decided I needed to make some kind of change because I still wasn’t happy.  I finally decided to try Spark.  Within a half an hour I felt better and noticed something different.  I quit yawning, was more focused, and truly did feel like I had more  energy to get things done.  I had taken energy drinks before and with Spark I didn’t have a crash afterword or jittery feelings.  It was time and I decided to find out more about this because I knew that I wanted to feel this way more often!

I reached out to my friend who had introduced me to this new found energy.  She told me there were more products that I might be interested in and we discussed my goals.  I said I wanted to lose weight and have more energy.  I was informed that I could get a discount on this stuff.  The next words out of my mouth was tell me more, after just a couple of minutes I decided to sign up for a membership.  I decided to try the Advocare 24 Day Challenge and you had better believe I got it at a discount.  

I was provided Advocare 24 Day Challenge recipes so that I was even more prepared and had more food options.

It took only just a couple of days to receive my product and I immediately decided to get started.  In the past after coming home from a long day of work, feeding everyone, getting baths and our little ones to bed, it would finally become time to spend with my wife for an hour or 2.  We would sometimes talk or sit on the couch and watch a TV show.  My wife used to get frustrated because I would fall asleep mid conversation and couldn’t make it through a TV show.  The Spark really gave me more focus and energy that was noticed right away.  I quit yawning, was able to spend quality time with her and I began to take back my life!

In just a couple of days, my clothes started to have more room and they were not as tight as before.  I noticed I had to change my belt loop.  After a couple of days people started saying that something was different with me.  

Once I finished the Cleanse, I checked my weight and inches.  I had already lost 6 lbs and 5 inches in just 10 days!  

I had more energy to do things than I had in a very long time.  Next was the MAX Phase which is a 14 day to get the vitamins and nutrients back into your system.  I no longer needed or even wanted coffee.

More people started noticing that I continued feeling better.  I completed the Advocare 24 Day Challenge and checked my results.  Down 10 lbs and 10 inches!  I couldn’t believe it, I was less than 10 lbs from my original goal weight and I had more weight loss in 24 days than in several months.  

My wife was happy with my new found energy, and people were taking notice and asking me what I was doing.

I followed up with my friend and thanked them for giving me something that truly made a positive change in my life.

I was asked if I was interested in making an income and I wasn’t sure it was something I wanted to do.  The more I saw people that knew me, the more they wanted to try and see if they could get the energy that I had.  

I decided to share what I had done and how well it had worked for me.  I had a coupe of co-workers that liked Spark and they wanted to do a 24 Day Challenge together.  

They completed their 24 Day Challenge and one lost 12 lbs and several inches and the other one lost 14 lbs and several inches too!  They were feeling as good as I did and it was a great feeling knowing that I had shared what had worked for me.  I continued to share as people saw me and asked me what had changed for me.

The next thing I know I was checking my bank account and my balance was higher than expected.  I immediately called my bank and they asked if I knew of Advocare because I had received a deposit into my account of $168.17.  

I called my friend and asked if this was real. They assured me and said if I wanted to learn more about making an income I could sit down with the friend that had helped my friend.  I sat down with them and listened to how they were using their extra Advocare income to PAY OFF DEBT and that they were working towards being able to quit their daytime jobs and work from home when they wanted to work.  

They told me their goals were to both be stay at home parents by end of summer 2016.  It really hit home for me and I no longer wanted to miss things that my kids were doing like sports, school activities because I had a job and had no control over.  

I kept sharing and the next things I knew I had helped enough friends that I was receiving a $500 Rookie Bonus!

Real income was actually being made. I really enjoyed spending this new found income to help my family. The first time I logged into my banking app and noticed that I had made more money working part time of around 15 hours for 2 weeks vs my job of 82 hours for the same 2 weeks, that is when it really hit home…

I still have that statement and my bank records printed out.  Coming home to my family is what I am currently working on.  I have decided that they were what was most important to me.  

The pain of telling them no, telling them that we didn’t have any extra money.

It was crushing me!

No more of seeing their faces and disappointment because I couldn’t see their sports and school activities.  

I am currently working towards being able to be at home with my family.  Helping others, and doing it when I want to do it.

I have since done another 24 Day Challenge and continued on Spark and MNS.  My current weight is 179 lbs and I continue to lose weight.  My goal is to be at 170 lbs before Jan 1st.    If I reach that goal, I will be back to the weight that I was when I got married.  This is all while during the holidays.  I will be doing another Advocare 24 Day Challenge in the January 2016.  

In conclusion, the Advocare 24 Day Challenge Review is a POSITIVE ONE!  

Need more info then click here.

Advocare has truly changed my life, my friends, strangers that I have helped who are now my friend.  I feel the best I have in years.  I have more energy than I have had in a very long time!  Need help you with either your health goals of energy, weight loss or performance?  I would gladly help guide you with something that has helped me and many others.  I can also help you with your financial goals. Interested in making an extra $200-$1000?  I will be there to support you for that as well.  

If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, then I can help you. I was just an ordinary guy with 4 kids and a normal 45 hour a week job.  Are you someone like me who had let everyday  life catch up and take it over.  I wasn’t happy before. I AM NOW! If you are truly ready to make a change then CLICK HERE.

This is a picture of me helping others at the end of October.

Advocare 24 Day Challenge Review




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